Figs and Rouge Handcream Review

I recently received the ‘Figs and Rouge Rose Berry with Shea Butter’ hand cream in my monthly Glossy Box. I have been using the product for the past two weeks and I have to say it is quickly becoming one of my favorite hand creams. I usually go for a matte-finish hand cream with the main focus being on practicality, but with the discovery of this product I am a changed woman! photo

The ‘Rose Berry’ scent is divine and reminds me of my childhood as it smells of the ever classic Love Heart sweets. It leaves your hands smelling, feeling and looking great. I have suffered with eczema all of my life and a huge draw back to many high-street and well-loved products is that they are no hypo-allergenic. This hand cream (and I believe the whole brand) is made with natural products and is very good and nourishing for your skin.

This will definitely be a repeat purchase for me and I can see it being a beauty essential for months to come. This particular product is only available on at the astonishing price of £3.95 (exc. delivery). Other scents are available on the companies own website: 

Please give this lovely cream a try and let me know your thoughts if you have tried it or anything similar. I’m always on the hunt for little gems like this.



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