Little Yellow Camper

I dreamed a dream of caravans and campers, of forests and nature walks, of waking up to a hot brew while watching the sun come up with the morning dew still on the grass. I’ve had this dream for years which is weird for a 19 year old, I know! I’ve always loved camping and the idea of being that close to nature. Waking up and its just…there. 

I spent a lot of time in the countryside as a child, my parents used to rent lodges and caravans, only about an hour outside of the city, but I always felt so far away from everything back home. I would be free of stress and technology, drama and the bustle of the city. We would go for long walks, go boating and fishing and play card games for hours. It was such a simple yet enjoyable time.

Now that I have started to ‘imagine’ my life, I have started to long for those days. My siblings are all grown up and are at the stage in their loves where family holidays are ‘uncool’. 

I am so ready to own my own little get-away space, whether that be a camper van, a wee lodge or a caravan. I will fill it will needle-point and crockery and it shall be amazing. This wee yellow caravan is my dream. I could drive to wherever I fancied and relive my childhood. Just get away for the weekend or even just a night. It signals freedom and a sense of serenity for me. 

Most people my age have a ‘flat fund’ or a ‘holiday fund’. My penny jar simply states ‘little yellow camper’.tabcar


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I am a 20 year old Instagram enthusiast with a love of the outdoors and anything photography related. You can discover my true self on Pinterest and get to know me better than my closest friends and family. A note before going further, I love cats, especially my cats and I have a weird and wonderful attraction to both stationary and mugs. Stay tuned for ramblings

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