My Life In Dragons: Hoard Of Video Games

Hello! And welcome to what has become my wee mini blog post series entitled ‘My Life In Dragons’.


I wouldn’t describe myself as a huge video game fan, although I am partial to a wee game of ‘Mini Ninjas‘ now and then. One thing that is for sure is that my 10 year old self would be very disappointed in that statement. At 10 years old I was determined to own every Nintendo product that there was (and considering that they released about 5 a year my parents were glad when I found a new hobby).I would be the first person in my class to own the new gameboys and was the first to compete any level ‘Crash Bandicoot‘ (which was all the rage at the time, and I still believe is the greatest Playstation game ever released).

Although I very rarely play games consoles now I did own quite a few- most of which I am sure are gathering dust in an attic somewhere. I used to beg my big cousins to give me their old consoles and games so quite a few of the ones I own were released before I could talk. I used to sit up in my room for hours and play these games and block my brother out of the room so that I could have them to myself. 

I owned: The Playstation (the first and best), The Nintendo 64, Playstation 2 (in pink, of course), Nintendo Game Cube, The original X-box, The game boy (original first release, this was years before I was born and obviously a hand me down), Game Boy Color, Game boy advance (first in white and then pink), Nintendo DS and the little square one that I had like 5 of because they kept breaking. (also I cant seem to source it anywhere online, but I swear it existed!) 

Obviously, because I was a girl I also owned any variation of a sing star or dance mat game, because who doesn’t love that? Come on, picture it, you’re sitting with a bottle of beer or glass of wine in hand, having a laugh with your mates and someone brings out a dance mat. Are you telling me you’re not going to have a go? 

dragon 3


If I play video games nowadays it either consists of me begging my little brother to let me put on Mini Ninjas or him forcing me to play Call Of Duty and get eaten my zombies (I really am not suited to Zombie Survival) I can’t wait to get my hands on another Crash Bandicoot game and relive my ‘Bamboozled’ glory!


NOTE: I do not own these images nor to claim any rights to them. If  the artist gets in contact I will gladly credit them but I found them on the vortex that is ‘tumblr’ and though I have tried I cannot find the original source or post-ee.


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