Dear Alex Day | Part 1

Before I dive in to the letter, I would like to point out that this was not written for my blog or for anyone to read. I often find that writing out my feelings, especially in the form of a reply to someone helps me to think. I had been a viewer of Alex’s from the beginning, he along with Charlie were the first people that I ever watched on youtube, so I felt that to properly comprehend what was happening, I had to write about it. This was first written in a notebook that I keep with me for this very purpose. It is written right in the middle of my shopping list and marks for my final grade assessment. I purposely haven’t changed anything from how I have written it out originally several months ago, and my main reason for storing it online for myself was because after watching his recent video, I have written a part 2. These are my personal thoughts and feelings on the subject and as a former viewer/ someone who works with young and impressionable individuals.


Dear Alex Day…

I am a regular tumblr user, and up until the first three accusations appeared, I was a regular supporter of yours on the website. I highly valued you as a creator and comedic personality. However, since the allegations against you have appeared, I have dropped any online support that I once partook in. At first this was so that I could form my own un-biased opinion about what was happening and so that I could ‘do my homework’ and find out what was actually out there.

The allegations that have been made against you, Mr Day, are of a very serious caliber. No person should ever think that they have the right to demean others in any way or pressure them into things that they do not want to do. These allegations although shocking have been for the most part proven true.

The more I have read and researched, the more shocked, disgusted and betrayed I felt. How could someone who I admired so much do something so horrible? Not once, but multiple times?

Abuse is a topic that I have very strong feelings about. Abuse in any form is unacceptable, whether it be emotional, physical, financial, sexual or even neglect. This relates to all people of all ages. It doesn’t just happen to one ‘type’ of person and there isn’t a specific personality trait that makes you an ‘abuser’.

Before these incidents came to light, I held you, Mr Day, in very high regard. After all, you have accomplished a lot in a short few years. You are (I am not sure if ‘were’ is more appropriate) a singer/songwriter/musician, a member of two bands with multiple albums, had three top 40 UK hits, an author (although there are rumors that the book will no longer be published), a content creator/vlogger with over a million subscribers, the co-owner of ‘sopio’ and creator of ‘life scouts’, and up until very recently had your own self titled and promoted merchandise.

Most of us could never dream of accomplishing in 50 years, what you had in the last five. But then again, most of us (I sincerely hope) understand FULLY what consent actually means.

I feel that you have ruined any chance that you had to work within the media industry. You destroyed the trust of a loyal audience who would support you through your work and various projects that you are working on. Part of the reason that some of your ventures were so successful was because you were ‘Alex Day’ the youtube personality. I feel that the only way you now have to succeed with Lifescouts and Sopio is by un-branding yourself from it. I honestly feel for Dan who is most likely caught up in all of this- as I have guessed from his online social absence the past few weeks.

Although I am severely angered, saddened and disappointed by your behavior Alex, I recognize that you are an extremely creative person. I feel that you have wasted your creativity and talent by allowing yourself to engage in such de-humanizing behavior, and that you have ultimately destroyed any chance to show the world how much of a talent you were.

I hold the strong belief that there is no longer a place for you in the industry, and as such want to make it public that I do not (nor in my opinion should anyone) condone the actions that you have taken up to this point. While I stand by this, I do no think that you should be harassed while trying to make a living by selling the only things that you have left (Sopio and LifeScouts). You made horrible choices, but you have to come to terms with that on your own, and should be allowed to make a living somehow, just not on our screens.

Due to the nature of the allegations held and proven true against you, Mr Day, I feel that some awareness of your whereabouts is appropriate as some people may find bumping into you triggering. You ruined your social stature by demeaning and mistreating others but I make a plea to others to take the high road and to not do the same to you.

It is not all black and white, nothing in life ever is, but there is bad and good. The grey line between bad and good and right and wrong is never a good place to be. We should all strive to be the best people that we can be and making others feel inferior and powerless is not the way to live our life.

This is a lesson that I hope you one day may grasp, and learn to live the rest of your life thinking of others and making up for the mistakes that you have made in the past.


A former supporter.