Goals For The Year 2015

Not resolutions, as that to me sounds like “after all else has failed” or “this is what it has come to”. It may not be the true meaning, but for me it’s how it feels.
I like goals, a goal is something you strive towards and in most cases get excited about accomplishing. So my goals for 2015 will be met. They will be!

So, Kirsten, this is for you:

–Learn To Drive! (And save for your test/car/insurance)

–Get Healthier (eg- stop eating f’ing gluten when you’re allergic to it!)

–Plan My Future (apply for a course even if it is part time, you need to get yourself back into education! Start slowly of you need to. PS- just saying but this would be a lot easier if you could drive first)

–Be More Aware (read more, write more and this will only better you and help you towards your above goal of education. See what I’m doing, I’m HELPING you here.)

–Be More Sociable (I know that you
find this difficult but if you don’t force yourself to try then you are going to lose even more friends than you already have. Anxiety will pass but there will come a point when loneliness will not and that you will wish that you weren’t so happy being by yourself in your twenties.

–Explore More (you are in your mother f’ing twenties. Explore. Adventure. Enjoy!)



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I am a 20 year old Instagram enthusiast with a love of the outdoors and anything photography related. You can discover my true self on Pinterest and get to know me better than my closest friends and family. A note before going further, I love cats, especially my cats and I have a weird and wonderful attraction to both stationary and mugs. Stay tuned for ramblings

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