Just A Little Note To Say…..

I have been having a little think about my blog recently, and what I want to achieve with it. I think, for me, this is more about enjoying writing again, and having a space that is all mine to collect my thoughts and feelings. I’ve never been very good at keeping a journal, despite always wanting to be, and buying multiple, just to have them all sit in a pile in the corner of my room, unused.

I want this to be a place that I can come back and read my thoughts and stories and possibly for you (the mythical reader) to be able to spend ten minutes of a Sunday afternoon (the day I intend to post) hearing my inner ramblings and what I would class as witty remarks.

I’ll give it a go, and at the end of the year, at least I can say I tried. I’ll do this for me.


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I am a 20 year old Instagram enthusiast with a love of the outdoors and anything photography related. You can discover my true self on Pinterest and get to know me better than my closest friends and family. A note before going further, I love cats, especially my cats and I have a weird and wonderful attraction to both stationary and mugs. Stay tuned for ramblings

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