Life Update and Reflections

I’ve really enjoyed having these last few days off work before going back for the new term. It has allowed me to look at my life from another point of view and really sort out what I want, which is something I often find difficult to do. I am often to preoccupied with the ‘right now’ things and don’t look at the big picture, which I have recently come to the conclusion, is how I lost an entire year. I was just drifting on, living from weekend to weekend and not making the most of my time. I was essentially wishing my life away, which is not something that I want to do.


I try to live each day for that day, and not wish on a Monday that the weekend would come quicker, because then I loose the beauty in each day. And honestly, I think if we all looked objectively at our days, there will be a little sparkle in each of them. I’ve recently had to take a really hard look at my life, and make some decisions that I have been putting off for the best part of a year. Although things are only in the beginning stages, and may not come to anything, I am feeling really positive about it, which I never thought would be the case. I am a little in awe with myself, about how ‘okay’ I am with everything, and I honestly think that it is because something has switched inside of me. I now recognize that I come first. I need to do what is right for me, and not what I think other people want. I have stopped living in fear of letting people down, and it has done wonders. Yes, its nice to be nice, but do you know whats also nice? Doing you. For you.


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I am a 20 year old Instagram enthusiast with a love of the outdoors and anything photography related. You can discover my true self on Pinterest and get to know me better than my closest friends and family. A note before going further, I love cats, especially my cats and I have a weird and wonderful attraction to both stationary and mugs. Stay tuned for ramblings

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